Research and development (R&D) at Ian McFadyen Design has two components.  The primary function is to develop new products and the secondary function is to discover knowledge.

New product design and development is more often than not a crucial factor in the survival of a company. In an industry that is changing fast, all companies of various sizes must continually revise their design and range of products. This is necessary due to continuous technology change and development as well as other competitors and the changing preference of customers.

In this model we are able to iterate and spend most of our time creating and testing prototypes. Constant iterations and quick design cycles allow for a free form approach.

This gives our team the ability to determine various models of design which are then honed into a few key design products that are then further created.

With the research wing of R&D we compile and create documentation and reports on our findings to share with your team. The deliverables vary on each project and can even be the introduction to new technologies and firms for partnerships. With the amount of emerging technology it be comes more difficult each day to keep with the ever changing landscape.