Great New Tool Astro Pad


This is a great new tool for designers and artists. Astro Pad, it’s let’s you work seamlessly between your ipad and your mac laptop working with your favorite design software. It’s a great new product, for more information visit

Great UX Ted Talk: How Giant Websites Design for You

In this great TED Talk, Margaret Gould Stewart of Facebook discusses the challenges of designing on a global scale. While Stewart’s work focuses on design for the giants of the internet, many of the principles she imparts are applicable to any kind of UX designs. She begins by identifying two important qualities that are needed to be effective at UX design on this scale: audacity and humility. UX professional need to try new and bold concepts, while maintaining the humility necessary to remember that UX is about the user and not the designer’s ego, a valuable lesson for anyone working in UX.

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Find out why 3 is the optimal size for a creative team…

To be clear we are speaking about a creative team not an operational teams. The creative team is focused on first finding the solution to the problem. Thinking outside the box while keeping the desired task at hand in sight and small enough to easily express their ideas in a group without feeling overwhelmed.

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Why UX is so important on every project not just on a mobile application.

Each project is unique in its own way with its own challenges. By involving UX (user experience) and by gathering proper requirements at the beginning of each project helps all parties get on the same page and defines goals early on. This involves meeting and understanding each aspect of the team and all parties involved

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