Bank of America has been a financial institution and has been serving communities for over 200 years.  In 2012, the bank lent $19.1 billion in total credit to small businesses, customers, local communities and nonprofits.  They also provided $22 million in grants to fund critical needs, and another $22 million for housing. Further they announced a 10-year, $50 billion goal to help improve the environment.

The project with Bank of America was a partnership with Microsoft to launch a unique campaign for the marketing department to further showcase the bank investment into communities. Instead of solely focused on donating money, but rather encourage the communities to donate your time. Donation a number of hours the public would pledge to your favorite charity. The social aspect of the campaign was through the video. Sharing short clips of various individuals speaking about their charity of choice and showing the volunteer work contributed. We wanted to showcase this using the social media Facebook application to make it that much easier to share and get your friends to share.

The user interface was to be fun and playful. We wanted this application to give the sense of adventure and evoke curiosity. In sharing the public/communities stories about their volunteer work we hoped that the manner in which these profiles were delivered inspired others to sign up and join the various charitable groups or work with another charity.

Microsoft wanted to create this application in a programming tool called Silverlight, this enabled the application to have a wide breadth of animation and transitions. The goal was to have the application feel like a living community that would continue to grow each day.  With new faces and video added daily. Some other fun features were video request, for example a volunteer that could have an individual video request sent to a friend that no one but him or her could see and they could decide if they’d take on the challenge or not.

Needless to say the project was a huge success with all the good it helps create.

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