Gallery House is a management site for senior and established artists in the art market.  They are unlike a commercial gallery though they do sell direct to the public and offer a certified ISA and USPAP appraisal their preliminary business is partnering with galleries and institutions around the world to showcase the artists’ that they manage.

We have worked with Gallery House right from the start. They were established in 2008 and the first thing as with every company requires is a strong brand. We spent a lot of time with the founder Belinda Chun going through her vision for the gallery. What she was looking for in a brand and getting a good idea of the competition as well as the clientele.

Knowing that Gallery House was going to be operation out of Canada but conducting the bulk of it’s business online before naming the company we went online to test each name against Google analytic to see how much competition each name would have online, this ensured very strong SEO (search Engine Optimization). We also were very particular on selecting a URL that was easy to remember, easy to spell when speaking the URL, and was currently available.

The meaning behind Gallery House came from the place where the gallery would reside would be a residence for the owner Belinda Chun on the upper two levels, and the secondary meaning was a home base for her artists. As her business was slightly different from other galleries where she deliberately wanted her artists to partner with other galleries/institutions around the world.

With the logo we wanted to have an icon that could work on it’s own as well as a text lock up that could work together with a strong bold icon. With Chun’s background being Asian we though it bee fitting to us the red stamp that is often scene as an Asian stamp on traditional paintings, similar to a family seal.  We then hide the Chinese same inside the letter “g” in the Galley House icon.

The final logo is composed of a strong rich cranberry red and grey for the color palette. Giving both a sense of exclusivity as well as clean lines and a modern feel. With the logo we went with both a serif and sans serif type face. This made the entire brand versatile when it came to to creating brochures and any other additional collateral.

The Gallery House business cards were printed with Anstey and letter pressed on crane’s 100% cotton papers are ideal for those looking for an earth-friendly paper that doesn’t sacrifice quality. Crane papers are completely tree-free –composed of cotton–and require fewer chemicals for processing and produce less waste than other raw materials used for paper-making.

We handled all of Gallery House’s print collateral, business cards, letterhead, storefront vinyl, brochures, invites & online ad banners and the website.

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