Granite Golf Club is unlike any other in Southern Ontario. Nestled between the untouched beauty of the ancient Oak Ridges Moraine and the gently rolling countryside, it combines the best features of Scotland’s oldest links with all the advances of a truly modern golf course. The boundaries of Granite Golf are buffered by protected wildlife habitat. The impeccable playing conditions are the result of responsible, environmental grounds maintenance, allowing the course to thrive in harmony with the timeless beauty of the region.

It’s members are considered to be in the upper crust of the social circles. The Granite Golf Club always wants the best for it’s members and continues to explore new idea’s to make the experience at the club the best possible.

We took that concept of a standard scorecard and looked at how it could be augmented by the technology found in mobile devices. We then paired it with the features the end golfer could be looking for and find in other devices.

The primary feature was GPS specific to the course that was mapped on site making it as accurate as possible. The second was having the scorecard tied into the OGA (Ontario Golf Association) using This would allow them to skip heading to the machine inside at the end of the game or hopping on the computer at home. The UI was designed to be clean and simple with one feature that no other application had. The ability to measure between items on the map (ie. how far it was from the pin to the edge of the bunker).

For phase one we wanted to keep the booking simple: a map and a phone call. We also included a news feed that pulled off of tweets. This was to save development time as well as remove any additional redundancies updating their current content.

In conducting this project it was a phase by phase approach which meant that the project was divided by a few key measuring points to account for the budget and at the same time allowing the Club get into the market quickly while releasing features as they were ready. We also wanted to focus on the required features as opposed to the “nice to have” features. This was a great way to reduce the upfront cost and with scheduled releases keep the members engaged.

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