The Granite Club was established in 1875, and is located in north Toronto Canada.  It is noted as one of the premiere private family clubs. They offer 11,000 members a high standard of social, athletic, dining facilities along with uncompromising service and commitment to quality.

The Granite News is distributed to each family by mail and is also available online. This publication has two feature stories each month along with the events and news from each department. To compile this large publication each month we worked with writers, copy editor, photographer and editorial designer and then had to liaison with each department head for the content for that section. At the beginning of each fiscal year we produced the publication plan outlining what would be covered over the next year as far a content. Each month this was reviewed to account for timely and up to date content.

One of the initial undertaking was to do a complete overhaul of the workflow. Streamlining content for the design teams using proper templates to ensure content was created properly and avoid any back and forth between teams.

The Granite News publication is printed on 100% recycled paper, acid free that is FSC certified and rain forest certified.



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