Design has always emerged within a social context. It gives expression, at the same time, reflects upon it by defining it, giving it form or shape, making it visible, interpreting it and influencing our view of it. In other words design is based on and permeated by society.

Generally speaking, communication is fundamental to us. According to Niklas Luhmann, it is vital, despite being “improbable” from a system-theoretical point of view. Society and communication are inseparably entwined– they influence one another incessantly. Ultimately, design is related to communication in two ways.


Visual design is applied to a variety of disciplines: brand, typography, print, web design, motion design, UI design and more. We specialize in building upon existing brands or creating a completely new visual language for you and your business.

We work transparently and ensure your design can be applied in many manners which demonstrates good design when it can be used in all platforms: colour, black and white, efficiency, and user friendly.


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The use of color and design elements along with a clear and direct message are the core elements to create a compelling design that is to the point and sets the proper tone and message. The same applies when we create a user interface.


With each project we conduct research, evaluating your company’s competitive brands, current trends and existing creative communication already in the market place.  This is because with all design it manifest itself during the process which are later used to create a mood board that sets a guide to complete the final design.